Gola Top pressure for kitchen furniture, 2,35 m, White painted, Aluminium

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The Gola Top is a finishing profile for kitchen furniture. This is installed under pressure, creating a secure grip on the crossbar and giving the furniture a neat and exact finish. It is made of resistant aluminum, white in color. The shape of this profile is elongated and smooth, leaving an eaves on the outside that gives a special touch to the furniture where it is installed. It has a total length of 2.35 meters and the thickness of the board is 16 mm. The total width of the profile is 27.8 mm and the width of the eaves is 19.8 mm. The packaging contains 8 units.


SKU 8162212
Materials Aluminium
Finishings White painted
Packaging 8 Ut
Board thickness 16 mm
Length 2,35 m


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