Central profile for kitchen furniture, 2,35 m, White painted, Aluminium

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Central Gola profile for kitchen cabinets. It allows avoiding the installation of handles in the module. The central part of the profile, which occupies 30 mm, must be placed between both boards in a tight way, for which it requires a special Gola spacer. It is advisable to fasten the profile with 3,5 x 25 mm long screws. These should be placed 18 mm from the edge of the surface, both of the upper and lower boards. This model is 2.35m long with a curved section. It is made of aluminum and has a white lacquered finish. The packaging has 6 units of the product.


SKU 8162512
Materials Aluminium
Finishings White painted
Packaging 6 Ut
Length 2,35 m


Product data sheet | Sketch | Assembly instructions

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